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Sustainable Oil Recovery’s revolutionary Sucoil® Sponge captures hydrocarbons (pollutants) at the source before environmental damage is done, they are then recycled, and the sponge is reused and repurposed, thus reducing landfill. SOR is working hard to be part of a circular economy.

A wordmark and circular brandmark were created to work alongside the genius of the sponge ‘The actual ingredients. The secret recipe was microscopically shot and used as the brand’s design language – this showed the science behind the product.

Technical illustrations, graphic patterns, and clean Swiss typography accompanied these elements with a mixture of land and sea-based photography, shot with an elevated view that represented the world they are saving and the scale of the problem.
Art Direction/ Creative Direction / Brand & Identity Design / Digital & Social Media / Illustration / Packaging / Web Direction & Development

Clean Tech / Environmental Solutions

Selected, Rise Circular Ecconomy Accelator Program, Australia 
National Finalists, ClimateLaunchpad, Australia
Global Finalist of XTC 2022. Xtreme Tech Challenge, USA